04 july 2019

pixHawk & minimum OSD

PixHawk 2.4.8 Complete Setup Guide - Part 1 of 2

A complete step to step guide on how to setup Minimum OSD with PixHawk. Instructions Include Programming of Minimum OSD, how to make a cable for PixHawk.

We are working on part 2 to show how to use the latest OSD software and perform +5V MOD to avoid heating up the Minimum OSD.

1. Minimum PSD Configuration tool
2. More latest Minimum OSD software
3. Ardu Pilot reference guide
4. Powering Minimum OSD with +5V only.

12 March 2018


Learn How these devices work!

How USB to TTL "or" RS232 converters really works. What each pins means on the converter and what it does. I hope you find this video useful and informative. Please take a snap shot of the screen to print out the one page handy sheet.

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08 March 2018

Hobby King Excellence Mini OSD

Step by Step Guide to make it work with PixHawk

In this video we have drawn a complete Hobby King Excellence OSD connectivity diagram. This diagram explains how to connect your video transmitter, camera, GPS, Lipo battery and how to monitor an additional battery source. Please note GPS requires +5 V source as explained.

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17 AUGUST 2018


From build to first test flight

UAV Skies flagship design!. This Hexacopter isone of the most complicated & sophisticated drones ever been built by us.Equipped with all sorts of sensors, telemetry data range reaching 80 km, 4G/5G LTE video Tx capabilities and a lot more.

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08 March 2018

NAVY VT27 RC Plane test

Just a test flight of an RC Plane

We simply used this plane to test a new video tx that we have been working on for a custom solution for a client. We wanted to test the latency of the video Tx at various distances.

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